Farmhouse - Lobby


  - Units: 69 (49 AL/20 MC)

  - Beds:  72 (50 AL/22 MC)
  - Area:  66,000 sf



Site - Bird's Eye View

Farmhouse - Main Entrance

Barn - MC Entrance

Bridge - Main Dining Room

CHURCH HILL VILLAGE - NEWTOWN, CT (opened February 2020)

​​​   Church Hill Village differentiates itself from other competitive seniors housing communities by its:

  • Centrally located, walkable site with excellent access and visibility;
  • Architectural design and scale sympathetic to contiguous residential and commercial properties as well as historical property and town references;
  • Universal design principles and green building methods;
  • Authentic residential design and experience featuring abundant natural light, multiple lounge areas, radiant heating system in dining room, and tiled bathrooms and showers;
  • Connection with nature provided by the thoughtful integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, multiple accessible gardens, patios, outdoor activity areas and walking paths; and,
  • Predominantly single floor living that facilitates mobility and significantly improves life-safety since all dwelling units are on the ground floor.